This page provides additional pictures of specific soldiers from some of our sets. Pictures of custom and commissioned sets will also be posted, to give you a better idea of our work.

U.S. Marine Corps sargeant, from Set 1:


U.S. Light Artillery sargeant, from Set 1:

U.S. Heavy Artillery private, from Set 1:


U.S. Cavalry private, negro regiment, from Set 1:

Confederates inspired by Kurz & Allison prints (custom set):


The Kurz & Allison print Assault on Fort Sanders:

Richardson's depiction of the 20th Middlesex (Artists) Volunteer Rifles in the 1880s:


Set 8 - The Artist's Rifles, 1880s:

Set 1 - Types of the US Armed Forces, Full Dress, 1898:


Set 2 - US Infantry, Full Dress, 1898:

Set 5 - Negro Cavalry (Buffalo Soldiers), Full Dress, 1898:


Set 6 - Spanish Infantry, Garrison Dress, Cuba, 1898:

Two views of USMC officer and private from Set 3: